Ireland: Science Rising Explained

With the maturing of research investments made by the Irish government through Science Foundation Ireland there is now a very real concentration of excellent research in relevant priority areas. There has been an erosion of the boundaries between basic and applied research (the ABC of Modern Research: Applied and Basic Combined) and the establishment of activities to support public engagement with science, technology engineering and maths.

Science Foundation Ireland is constantly considering how best to support further economic and societal impact and Ireland’s desire to future proof its ability to be the best country in the world for science and innovation.

To do this we want to engage at local and international levels. To understand and explain what makes us great inventors, explorers, scientists and leaders. The ability to question, imagine, collaborate, discover, answer and create is deeply engrained in Irish people and in a collaborative way across government, industry, academia and education we want to support participation in science at all levels to help Ireland realise its full potential.

We believe that science and innovation in Ireland are on the upward trajectory. To support this, our campaign entitled Science Rising will aim to inform, engage and explore all possibilities, economic and social, to better our country for our people and the impact we make on the world. We will do this through a wide-ranging programme, engaging academic and industrial scientists, educational establishments, industry and the Irish public through partnership, information, events, competitions and awards.

Science Foundation Ireland is the Irish state agency that funds excellent scientific research and its application.


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